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Create focused solutions


Take action


Achieve sustainable change





Meaning (you) learn, to learn, unequal, unique

Impari Coaching was founded to empower leaders with the clarity and capability to take the actions that best serve them, their team, their organization, and their family; achieving the sustainable change they desire in their life and career.


My coaching practice is grounded in evidence-based methodologies and frameworks. 

I'm an ICF and iPEC Certified Professional Coach, additionally certified in:


ESCI 360 - Emotional and Social Assessment and Development

- Korn Ferry

KF 360 - Leadership Competency Assessment and Development- Korn Ferry


Human Behavioral Improvement- Association for Talent Development


Energy Leadership Index Assessment- Dr. Bruce D Schneider


Positive psychology - S.P.I.R.E model - Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar


Design Thinking- IDEO University




Previous to discovering my calling as a Leadership Coach, my 20+ year career has taken me from entry level retail, to Hollywood, to Corporate executive, and most roles in-between. I've been around the globe, living and leading in North America, China, Japan, Australia, and Europe. I've served as a Global Service Operations Leader at Apple Inc and as a Global L&D Leader and Talent Management Executive at Tesla Motors and Blue Bottle Coffee, respectively. 


Throughout my journey, nothing has given me more intrinsic reward than helping others learn, grow, and achieve, through a coaching relationship.


I invite you to take the next step in your life and career and connect for a complimentary consultation.



Michael coached our engineering leadership team, and myself over the course of 10 weeks. Our team includes new managers with no prior leadership training, as well as engineering directors with decades of industry experience, and the feedback was unanimously positive. Michael’s Cohort and coaching sessions were informative, interactive, and personalized. I look forward to continuing to leverage his framework for my professional and personal growth.


- David L. VP of Engineering - Minted


I tremendously appreciated Michael's attitude and style of coaching. His substantial experience and wisdom come through, yet his coaching approach felt humble and remarkably self-guided - which in this context is far more transformative.


Taylor C. - Founder & CEO, Lightshed


Michael is very objective and genuine in his approach, and that's what I appreciated most. We were able to deconstruct my setbacks and explore new ideas based on my values.

He navigates you through difficult conversations you have with yourself to break down barriers. You will walk away creating realistic, actionable and most importantly achievable goals.​

- Jennifer - Professional working in tech


It turns out that life doesn't have to meander with mixed results. It can deliver deeply fulfilling experiences right away. I had no idea that the second option even existed until my work with Michael.


Michael took me through a deep values exploration, resulting in the creation of a values compass. I now leverage my values compass when making key decisions, and career and life design choices. I immediately know when and how decisions add value. There are no surprises later on, no pattern recognition work to do by looking to the past to decode my motivations or decipher outcomes.

- Adom - Founder/ Entrepreneur working in Media & Technology

It all starts with a great conversation...